What is a Structure Plan?

    The Maffra Structure Plan will be the key strategic framework to manage growth, facilitate change and guide infrastructure delivery in Maffra over the next 20 years.  Specifically, the Maffra Structure Plan seeks to:

    • To help influence, manage and facilitate change to land uses, the built form and public spaces in accordance with relevant state, regional and local planning policy;

    • To assess the suitability and proposed locations of future residential growth;

    • To identify land for future commercial, industrial and community services and facilities to support growth; and

    • To guide future land use and development in an integrated and coordinated manner. 

    Typically, key strategies and actions of a structure plan will be implemented through changes to the Planning Scheme by updating the suite of planning controls for Maffra.

    Why does Maffra need a Structure Plan?

    A Structure Plan for Maffra will:

    • provide an up-to-date and relevant strategic land use planning framework for future growth;
    • facilitate the coordinated and integrated growth of one of the Shire’s key townships;
    • support future growth and development; 
    • provide an informed direction for the future supply of land for residential, commercial and industrial uses, and
    • provide an opportunity to value-add to other Council-related infrastructure projects that are proposed within the town.

    How long will it take?

    The Maffra Structure planning process is being undertaken in four key stages.

    Stage 1:  (Completed)

    Project Inception

    Information Gathering

    Council and Key Agency Workshop

    Stage 2: (Completed)

    Maffra Discussion Paper & Emerging Directions – Summaries the site context, key issues and opportunities that affect Maffra, and explores an emerging vision and a set of key emerging directions. 

    Community Consultation Round 1 - The community will be asked to provide comments on the Maffra Discussion Paper & Emerging Directions prior to preparation of the Draft Structure Plan.

    Stage 3: (Completed) 

    Draft Maffra Structure Plan - The draft Maffra Structure Plan has now been finalised, and is currently out for public exhibition. Comments and feedback received from the exhibition of the draft Maffra Structure Plan will, where appropriate, be used to guide and inform the preparation of the final Maffra Structure Plan

    Community Consultation Round 2 – The community are currently being asked to provide their comments and feedback on the draft Maffra Structure Plan. Please see this page for ways to comment and provide feedback. Feedback must be submitted by 5pm on Monday 17 January 2022

    Stage 4:  (In progress)

    Finalise Structure Plan - Following feedback from the community the Structure Plan will be finalised, and recommendations implemented into the Wellington Planning Scheme, where relevant.

    How can I get involved?

    If you have further questions regarding the Maffra Structure Plan project, or would like to be placed on the correspondence list, please contact the Strategic Planning Team on 1300 366 244 or email planning@wellington.vic.gov.au