What is the timeline for this project?

    Dec to end February 2021 – Preplanning activities.  

    Review Wellington Shire health status compared to Gippsland and or the State’s health status. 

    This information will be presented as a Municipal Scan document.  Please refer to Document Library for a copy of this document.     

    Priorities of Healthy Wellington 2021 – 2025 will be based on the Municipal Scan and consultation with community partnership group.  

    Early March – Preplanning activities  

    Council will choose the priorities for the Healthy Wellington Plan 2021 – 2025.  Priorities will be chosen from the current Victoria Public Health and Wellbeing Plan Priorities.  

    Possible priorities include:

    • Tackling climate change and its impact on health

    • Reducing injury in the community

    • Preventing all forms of violence

    • Increasing healthy eating

    • Decreasing the risk of drug-resistant infections in the community

    • Increasing active living

    • Improving mental wellbeing

    • Improving sexual and reproductive health

    • Reducing tobacco-related harm

    • Reducing harmful alcohol and drug use

    Mid-March to end May 2021 – Community consultation activities

    Further consultation with the wider community to confirm the health priorities and possible actions and projects linked to the chosen health priorities.   

    June to July 2021 – Draft the Plan 

    Based on community consultation and support from community partnership group, Council will draft Healthy Wellington 2021 – 2025.  

    End July 2021 to end August – Release Draft Plan for comment

    Draft Healthy Wellington Plan 2021 - 2025 released for comment by service providers, agencies, and residents of Wellington Shire.

    September 2021 – Finalise the Plan 

    Plan updated based on comments received.  Plan will be finalised and presented to Council. 

    End October 2021 – Endorse Plan 

    Healthy Wellington 2021-2025 to be endorsed and adopted by Council.

    How will this information be used?

    Data and information collected through preplanning and community consultation process will be used to inform health and wellbeing planning in Wellington Shire over the next four years. It will also be used to inform the de

    Why do we need a health and wellbeing plan?

    Council is required by the Local Government Act (2020), the Public Health and Wellbeing Act (2008), and the Disability Act (2006), to have its own council and community plans that plan and advocate for community wellbeing and for the provision of appropriate services and means of community development and inclusion across all life stages.